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Why TEA2

“You designed that house? I love that house.”

It happens quite often. Prospective clients discover that the addresses they admire most — big or modest, classic or contemporary, prairie style or Italianate or any style at all — are TEA2 projects.

That’s because we design homes that not only delight the eye, but feel exactly right. Our homes aren’t set pieces; they’re marriages of authenticity, integrity and livability. They’re inspired by history and setting, by the environment, and most of all, by you. We create structures that answer your deepest longings for warmth and intimacy, sunlight and wildness; the right balance of both. And perhaps best of all, the beauty and integrity of a TEA2 home continues to reveal itself long after you move in — for decades, even generations.

Is that attributable to our talent? Our experience? A more rigorous design process? Better listening? The answer is yes. And yes and yes and yes.

You can leave the details (and the hard conversations) to us.

Life doesn’t stop just because you’re building or renovating a home. Yet, many firms leave it to you to see if the project is progressing on time, within budget, and that no corners are being cut. When you work with TEA2, we take on that role. No matter how reputable the builder, issues always come up. We’ve been through the process more times than our clients have, certainly, and more times than most of our competitors. We can be rigorous and insistent so you don’t have to be. And you get the house that you expected, not a facsimile.

Relax. Breathe deeply. This is the sane way to build a home.

We represent you, not the builder. Consider what that buys you.

Firms that both design and build are growing in popularity. No wonder. They offer what sounds like great savings. However, the “value” often comes at the expense of build quality, design integrity and architectural originality. Instead of capturing your vision, design/build firms tend to build essentially variations on the same houses, over and over. And because these firms are beholden to a single bidder/builder, your project and its final quality are at their mercy. You have no advocate for your interests.

At TEA2, we represent you, not a builder. We insist on multiple bids and an apples-to-apples cost comparison. The best builders appreciate the transparency of this process and the level playing field it provides; we have strong working relationships with many of them.  Builders are proud to have our homes in their portfolio; as a result, they bid very competitively — and are comfortable doing so. In addition, the professional level of our construction documents and specifications saves builders substantial guesswork and unanticipated costs; this consistently reduces their bids.

So, how much will it cost?

Many architects have to bring in a builder early on to provide initial pricing. We don’t. We use the information we’ve documented from our portfolio of projects, which provides realistic budget guidance. This way, you’re not obliged to any one builder, you preserve the leverage of a competitive bidding process later, and you know what’s achievable for your budget and can plan accordingly.

Asking the right questions can help you understand the differences between firms and find the right partner to help create your custom home.

We’re delighted to chat with you, or answer any questions about the TEA2 process.

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