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An established brand – We’re the second generation of one of the most recognized residential firms in Minnesota. Since our start 40 years ago, our focus has been on the creation of exquisitely designed, thoroughly detailed, beautifully livable custom homes and renovations.

More than Minnesota – We’ve created sought-after homes for clients across North America, with projects in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arizona, Alabama, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Illinois, Florida, North Carolina, South Dakota, Ohio, Virginia and British Columbia.

Right and left brains required – Our clients come to us knowing we’ll deliver not only rigorous attention to detail and technical prowess but also stirring creativity. Everyone in the firm understands that neither deliverable can be compromised.

We’re a team. Really – Our staff of 20+ professionals works collaboratively. Sharing, debate, and ongoing refinement combine to cultivate a creative energy that enriches every home we design. Ego-driven auteurs don’t do well in our culture. Generous, authentic, confident architects thrive. Credit is shared across the firm. We also like to have fun. Ask our neighbors about the most recent summer celebration on our rooftop patio.

No cookie cutters – If you’ve seen our portfolio, you know we don’t have a specific firm “style.” Instead, we draw inspiration from historical and modern sources, reinterpreting them for modern living—translating our clients’ hopes and dreams into fresh, imaginative, and timeless homes. The lack of stylistic constraints keeps our staff and our designs fresh.

The long view – We invest in our staff and they tend to stick around. Lunch-hour seminars, group site visits, and firm- subsidized continuing education help us continually improve our work. Of course our team members are equipped with industry-leading tools and technology.

Why we do this – Sure, our thoughtful, environmentally sensitive, and innovative designs have garnered a great deal of national recognition. But what pleases us even more? Clients who are absolutely thrilled with their homes and who appreciate them more and more with each passing year. The ultimate recognition of a job well done often comes in the form of a phone call from a past client asking if we’d be interested in helping them with a new project.


The high level of camaraderie among the staff and leadership is evident throughout…

Attention to detail is what I appreciate the most about TEA2...

As a young professional, it’s great to be part of a team...

I love how visual my work at TEA2 is while also fulfilling my craving to learn...

Typically, being a student intern is a one or two-year stint between...

TEA2 brings the entire firm along to site visits as part of...


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