Licensure | TEA2 Architects

TEA2 Architects, Inc. is a Minnesota business corporation that has provided architectural services to its clients in Minnesota, Colorado, New York, North Carolina, and Virginia with architects on our staff that are duly licensed in those states. Licensure per state is subject to change; please contact us to confirm in which states our architects are currently licensed.

Our affiliate, TEA2 Design, provides residential design services in states where we have chosen not to apply for a professional license.

TEA2 Architects, Inc. maintains this website to display works designed by past and current employees of TEA2 Design and TEA2 Architects, Inc. for general advertising purposes. Materials shown on the TEA2 Architects, Inc. website are not an offer to provide architectural services, or a representation that TEA2 Design or TEA2 Architects, Inc. is qualified to provide architectural services in any specific jurisdiction.

Please contact us to discuss your design needs and our qualifications.